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[WEBINAR] Fixing the Digital Customer Experience for People with Disabilities


“We know great CX drives revenue,” writes Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian of Forrester in her latest blog post.

Webinar digital customer experience

While a wholesome and unified customer experience strategy is important for every organization, building a great digital experience is vital. Websites are a critical piece in the buyer journey. Most people turn to an organization’s website or other digital properties first, before they interact with a human being. If they ever do.

Therefore, it’s up to marketers to remove digital barriers and simplify the path to purchase. Let’s not forget that  an improved experience can grow revenue by 5 to 10%, while costing 15 – 20% less, over a span of three years.

Accessibility and the Customer Experience

While organizations are making investments into improving the customer experience across all touchpoints and seeing positive results, there’s one area that many companies still need to work on. Accessibility.

Here’s a scary number: 8 in 10 people with disabilities report disregarding a service provider due to inaccessibility. Some of the reasons cited are: inaccessible websites, inaccessible premises, poor service, inaccessible phone systems and inaccessible printed information.

In a world where customers expect to seamlessly transition between touchpoints and devices, digital accessibility is a business imperative. When websites and mobile apps haven’t been built with accessibility in mind, it means that customers using assistive technology to engage with organizations digitally have a disorienting experience.

For example, your customer happens to be blind, and they rely on a screen reader to read the text on a website automatically. When they land on your home page, a video with sound starts to play automatically, and they can’t hear the speech output from their screen reader. They could turn down their computer’s volume, but that would also lower the volume of their screen reader.

This customer won’t be able to find, nevermind buy, the products they came to your site for. They’re then going to do what every customer who encounters an online barrier does. Leave to find a similar product on a competitors site.

The Solution

Join eSSENTIAL Accessibility and the DC Metro Business Leadership Network, one of our leading disability advocacy partners, for a webinar, where we will discuss how digital marketers and customer experience professionals can fix the digital customer experience for people with disabilities.

Key Learnings:

1. Disability Market Trends: Understanding the disability market and the digital barriers faced by people with disabilities.
2. Accessible Technology: Discover how people with disabilities use technology to engage with brands digitally
3. Web Accessibility Guidelines, Standards and Regulations: Learn about mandated requirements and how they benefit customers.
4. Success Stories: See how leading organizations have enhanced the customer experience for people with disabilities through an integrated approach to web accessibility compliance.

Register for the webinar under HOST GUEST with code AAU4DOQT.

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