• lawyer looking over web accessibility laws

    7 Digital Accessibility Regulations Misconceptions

    Just about every company eventually needs to build a website. While discussing design elements, content, and layout, there is one question that is often forgotten: “Does my website successfully meet the needs of individuals with disabilities?” People tend to forget this question because they simply lack awareness. The following laws protect the rights of individuals […]

  • web accessibility

    Web Accessibility Standards, Guidelines, Laws and Compliance

    According to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website accessibility is the practice of removing barriers so people with disabilities can “perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the web”. When websites are designed and developed with accessibility in mind all visitors have equal access to site content. Why Does Website Accessibility Matter? The web accessibility […]

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    eSSENTIAL Accessibility Secures $16 Million in Growth Funding

    Starting the new year on a high note, this week eSSENTIAL Accessibility announced the close of a $16 million USD investment round led by Lead Edge Capital—a growth stage investment fund with a portfolio of companies across the internet, software and consumer spaces, including names like Asana, Duo Security, Spotify, Toast, TransferWise and Uber. As […]

  • WCAG 2.0 Wiki

    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – What is WCAG?

    The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are an important asset for businesses, organizations, and other entities who want to make their digital content accessible to all people.¹ Just like the name states, the WCAG is a step-by-step set of technical requirements explaining how you can make your website, app or other digital properties accessible to […]

  • A.D.A for financial services

    ADA Requirements for Banks: 4 Facts You Might Not Know

    Any financial institution that serves the public should make learning about obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) a priority. The ADA bans any organization that does business with the public from discriminating against people with disabilities. Under the ADA’s Title III, banks and credit unions must give equal treatment to all customers, with […]

  • Web Accessibility Training

    Can Your Organization Benefit from Web Accessibility Training?

    In 2018, the World Health Organization estimated that more than 2 billion people worldwide will be using at least one assistive product by 2030, with some individuals needing two or more. This growing demographic needs to be able to use the web unencumbered, yet many organizations haven’t been able to successfully tap into the disability […]

  • web accessibility statement policy

    What Not to Include In Your Web Accessibility Statement

    Is your website accessibility statement accurate, trustworthy, and readable? A web accessibility statement isn’t just something obligatory that you need to put up on your page: it’s a necessary and informative statement that needs to reflect the status of your site. According to Seyfarth Shaw, the number of federal website accessibility lawsuits tripled in 2018 […]

  • web accessibility course

    Upgrade Your Knowledge: The Benefits of a Web Accessibility Course

    According to the CDC, 1 in 4 US adults reported a disability in 2016.¹ That’s up from 1 in 5 US adults in 2013. The number of disabled adults is growing, as the population ages. Does your organization know everything there is to know about maintaining accessibility for this population? If not, you may want […]

  • A.D.A. compliance checker

    What Can an ADA Website Compliance Checker Do for You?

    In 2018, there were 2,285 lawsuits levied against companies for not being ADA compliant — nearly a 200% increase from 2017.¹ To serve millions of people with a disability in the United States alone,² a company needs to make sure that its website is ADA compliant. An ADA Website Compliance Checker can help. The Americans […]

  • ADA compliance checker

    Are You on Track for ADA Compliance…Or Customer Complaints?

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was a historic moment in American history for a substantial share of the population in 1990. People with disabilities represent approximately 12.8 percent of the US Population as of 2016 according to the Disability Compendium 2017 annual report.¹ According to the CDC, more than 50 million people across the […]

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