Accessibility-as-a-Service Platform

The leading comprehensive digital accessibility solution enabling organizations to achieve and maintain ADA, WCAG & AODA compliance.

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A comprehensive accessibility solution

In addition to the benefits of automation, experts manually test, validate, support, train, and enable your team to ensure digital accessibility compliance for your website or app 24/7. Additionally, our in-house legal staff can assist you in managing any litigation or complaint you may encounter.

Automated scanning

We start by completing automated tests on your website, app or wireframes in development to quickly identify the most common accessibility errors:

  • Evaluate using WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria
  • Ongoing evaluation to monitor status and detect errors
  • Scores, issue severity ratings and remediation recommendations

Human testing & manual evaluation

Our experts step in where automation leaves off. Our team includes individuals with disabilities who are native assistive technology users to:

  • Identify and test your critical user flows
  • Test with the most common assistive technologies on a variety of browsers
  • Deliver a comprehensive evaluations audit identifying errors, with remediation guidance and tools

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A group of individuals scanning & testing sites for accessibility on various devices

Remediation and support

A comprehensive evaluation of your WCAG failures can seem overwhelming. That’s why we don’t just tell you what’s wrong, we work with your team to make it right:

  • Prioritization based on severity and impact
  • Technical help to fix complex WCAG errors
  • Regular testing and validation to ensure errors are fixed
  • Flagging of any new errors that may appear

Learn more about UX and development process integration.

Training and enablement

We’re not a one-and-done solution. Our always-on approach enables your team to permanently integrate best practices into all of your workflows:

  • Coaching for your accessibility trainers
  • Coursework including manuals, reference materials, checklists, playbooks, style guides and more
  • Seamless and successful knowledge transfer for you to sustain accessibility compliance

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Mobile app testing

Digital accessibility compliance extends beyond traditional websites, which is why we work with you to ensure your mobile apps are also accessible and compliant:

  • We test, evaluate and validate for accessibility errors using the same team and the same due diligence processes
  • Our team works with your team to fix any errors that exist on your app
  • Our comprehensive approach ensures you’re achieving and sustaining accessibility compliance

Digital product VPATs & ACRs

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template—or VPAT has become the de facto way in which vendors validate a product’s compliance. But they can be complex, which is where our expertise is essential:

  • Plan, test and execute evaluation for complete VPAT/ACR
  • Report against all WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria
  • Develop documentation proving your product or service’s legal compliance

Learn more about digital product VPATs and ACRs.

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Why Accessibility?

Digital accessibility isn’t just about WCAG or ADA compliance. It’s about reaching and serving 100% of the world’s population.