Design Evaluations:
Solve Accessibility Errors Before Development

The best time to catch web accessibility errors is in design, before they make their way to a live environment. Design Evaluations will identify any accessibility issues rooted in your design, eliminating barriers even before development begins.

  • Actionable insights for designers from designers
  • Findings mapped to WCAG success criteria
  • Interactive guidance aggregated in one convenient interface

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For designers, by designers

We’ve created the market’s first design-based WCAG rule library, tying accessibility issues directly back to individual WCAG success criteria.
And it’s a library created by designers, for designers providing insights and immediately actionable feedback on elements such as:

  • Color palettes
  • Typography
  • Component
    or pattern libraries
  • Wireframes
  • Comps
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Improved designs, empowered designers

Improved designs, empowered designers

With our detailed results addressing every accessibility finding discovered, and instructions for correction, not only are you improving the quality and usability of your designs, you’re upskilling your design team. By applying feedback, over time, designers will improve in their understanding of accessible and inclusive design, impacting the quality of future designs. And when you’re addressing accessibility at the earliest possible point, you’re saving time and reducing re-work later in the development lifecycle.

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Begin at the beginning

There are two types of Design Evaluations, useful if you’re in the early creative stages, going through a redesign, or rebranding:

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Digital Brand Evaluations: The best first step is to make sure your branding style guide supports accessible design fundamentals. It’s the foundation of your visual identity. Our team will evaluate it for any accessibility issues that are likely making their way into your individual designs.

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Interface Design Evaluations: Our team will also review any of your newly designed pages, screens, views, and more. This is a more tactical approach that will ensure you’re handing off the most accessible, inclusive digital experience possible (and your dev team will thank you!).

Multiple evaluations,
one convenient interface

The beauty of Design Evaluations is that they’re supported by the multi-faceted capabilities of the eA Platform. The platform serves as the engine of your entire accessibility program—from testing to reporting to managing projects. And from the platform, you can upload your designs, monitor their status, and review results that are in context and easy to read.

It’s the one integrated platform that provides access to every design you’ve submitted, with guidance and resources to help create accessible, inclusive digital experiences.

Multiple evaluations, one convenient interface

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Set the course for ongoing learning and empower designers to create more accessible designs.

Design Evaluations on the eA Platform. Included in our Accessibility-as-a-Service model.

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