Developer Suite:
Tooling and Integration

We’ve made it simple to integrate the eSSENTIAL Accessibility (eA) Platform APIs, giving you clear and actionable reporting, and providing continuous visibility into the accessibility of any code working its way into the build process.

  • Incorporate accessibility testing and analysis into your existing tech stack.
  • Identify accessibility bugs before they’re live.
  • Increase the pace of shipping accessible code, meeting time-to-market goals.
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Browser extension

With our browser extension, the eA Accessibility Checker, you can scan a digital experience, including dynamically generated content and pop-ups, in any environment—whether pre-production, live, or secured. And unlike other browser extensions on the market, ours connects to the eA Platform, creating an end-to-end digital accessibility solution.

  • Catch bugs earlier in the development lifecycle, eliminating accessibility barriers before an experience is live.
  • Zero-in on interactive and dynamic customer flows, such as e-commerce checkouts, online bookings, and surveys.
  • Send a consolidated scan to the eA Platform for analysis and actioning.

There, you’ll see an accessibility health score, understand where there are barriers—whether on a single page or an entire flow—prioritize fixes based on severity, push into your project management system, like Jira, and monitor remediation progress.


Catch bugs earlier. Connect your workstreams.
Easily organize and manage accessibility issues.

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API-led connectivity

With API integrations, bring the power of the eA platform to your developers, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Our APIs enable you to integrate testing and analysis data into your corporate dashboards, CMS systems and more, to easily monitor metrics and drive improvements.

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test automation

Test automation

By incorporating accessibility into your test automation tools, you’ll be able to run scans outside of the eA Platform, and prevent accessibility bugs before they go live.

  • Improve developer productivity with immediate feedback on the accessibility of code, enabling a fix at the time of development.
  • Increase the pace at which you ship accessible code, meeting time-to-market goals.
  • Elevate your organization’s accessibility maturity.
  • Reduce the risk of exposure due to non-compliance.

eA testing integrations

Explore our digital accessibility solution

Integrated accessibility tooling for developers, synced with the eA Platform,
and all included in our Accessibility-as-a-Service model.

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