Mobile eCommerce + Accessibility

Create inclusive apps, maximize audience, grow e-commerce and win customer loyalty.

webinar speakers: Ian Lowe, Tom Babinszki and Chris Long

Mobile Commerce and Accessibility

We go 1:1 with native app platform poq Commerce’s Head of Product Accessibility to learn how – and why – to create accessible and ADA compliant native mobile apps.

We continue to witness an explosion in eCommerce with consumers more and more reliant upon their smartphones to shop. So how do you ensure your native app is accessible for all – not turning business away?

Our speakers include eA’s own CMO – Ian Lowe & VP of Accessibility – Tom Babinszki joined by Poq’s Head of Product Accessibility – Chris Long

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Tips to build an accessible native app: common pitfalls & how to avoid them
  • The business case for an accessible eCommerce experience: It’s massive
  • How a screen reader interacts within an app: live demo with a native user

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