We integrate assistive technology with web accessibility evaluation services
to ensure that no one with a physical disability is left behind.
Our solution is meaningful and relevant, the way accessibility should be.

An Accessibility-As-A-Service Model that Takes a Comprehensive Approach to Full Inclusion

  • Web Accessibility Compliance

    Web Accessibility Compliance Icon

    Ongoing support to meet relevant accessibility guidelines and standards.

  • Assistive

    Assistive Technology Icon

    Feature an assistive technology app for customers who have trouble typing, moving a mouse, gesturing or reading.

  • Channel for Customers with Disabilities

    Channel for Customers with Disabilities Icon

    An opportunity for marketers to engage customers with disabilities and build relationships.

Our Solution Helps You...

  • Remain Compliant

    Remain compliant

    So your customers using assistive technology can engage with your brand in the digital world.

  • Enhance Your Digital Customer Experience

    A thumbs up with stars graphic

    With a seamless online experience that will delight your customers.

  • Project a Disability Friendly Brand Presence

    A grid of people with a growing circle in the centre graphic

    More than half of consumers with purchasing power are touched by disability. Connect with the largest minority in the world.

Inclusivity Matters...

  • 1 person icon out of 5 is coloured
    1 in 5 people
    self-identify as having a disability.
  • 1 Family Icon out of 3 is coloured
    More than
    1 in 4 families
    have at least 1 member with a disability.
  • 50 percent of the shopping cart icons are coloured
    The disability market
    touches 53%
    of the consumer market directly.

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