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Ensuring organizations achieve and maintain digital compliance

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Accessibility-as-a-Service to make your digital properties conform with ADA, WCAG and Sec. 508.Our platform eliminates the need for consultants and quick-fix gimmicks by streamlining your accessibility efforts through a low cost, cloud based compliance solution that eliminates legal risk while enhancing your overall customer experience.

The Most Comprehensive Digital
Accessibility Solution

with essential Accessibility you can

  • Remain Compliant

    Meet web accessibility standards and regulations as well as the WCAG 2.1 technical requirements.

  • Enhance Your Digital Customer Experience

    Make it easy for people with disabilities to engage with you digitally.

  • Project a Disability Friendly Brand Presence

    Connect with the largest minority in the world. More than half of consumers with purchasing power are touched by disability.

Why Inclusivity Matters

    1 in 5 people
    self-identify as having a disability.
  • More than
    1 in 4 families
    have at least 1 member with a disability.
  • The disability market
    touches 53%
    of the consumer market directly.
    The more subtle – and very applicable in the South African setting – security advantages to playing on the web is that the majority of the money related exchanges are taken care of between the online club and your bank. No money included.

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Discover how you can give people with disabilities an inclusive digital experience

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