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eSSENTIAL Accessibility: The all-in-one accessibility platform

Transform your web accessibility program with unified cloud platform + managed services. All of the accessibility tools, expertise, training, and support you need across your websites, mobile apps and products in a simple, annual subscription.


Get a unified, SaaS platform for monitoring the compliance of all of your digital properties from websites to mobile apps to products, all in a single web accessibility tool.

Orchestrate your accessibility program across the lifecycle with powerful accessibility tools, services, training and support.

Screenshots of tools within eA’s digital accessibility platform
automated and manual testing

Automated & Manual Testing

Complete coverage with automated scans, manual audits, dashboards and reporting.

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UX & Development Process Integration graphic image

UX & Development Process Integration

Code, technical and UX support for digital accessibility across web, mobile and digital products.

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Legal and Risk Management graphic image

Legal & Risk Management

Legal guidance on the law and regulations, respond to demand letters and prevent lawsuits.

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Certification and Training graphic image

Certification and Training

Conformance statements, VPATs and training ensure that you are compliant and your team is ready.

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Recognized by leading analysts

2021 Gartner Market Guide for Digital Accessibility report Gartner logo

Recognized as a representative vendor in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Digital Accessibility report. Learn about the digital accessibility market, key trends, and the best vendors.


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Forrester Forrester logo

Accessibility tops the list of technologies to invest in this year for optimizing experience design. Read the Forrester Tech Tide report to see why.


Access the Report

Why eSSENTIAL Accessibility?

An all-in-one compliance solution combining best-in-class technology, with legal and accessibility expertise and support, as well as certification and training.

Essential Accessibility comparison table
featured category Automated Scanners Automated Scanners and Overlays Automated Scanners, Overlays and Consultants Consultants Overlays
Automated Scanning Included Included Included Included
Human Testing Included Not Included or Hourly Hourly Not Included
Remediation Support Included Not Included or Hourly Hourly Not Included
Training & Enablement Included Not Included or Hourly Hourly Not Included
Legal Support Included Not Included or Hourly Hourly Not Included
Accessibility Program Management Included Not Included or Hourly Hourly Not Included
Mobile App Testing Included Not Included Hourly Not Included
VPATs Included Not Included or Hourly Hourly Not Included
Learn about the limitations and objections of overlays
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Minimize legal risk

Mitigate risk with the best defense -- ADA / WCAG compliance.

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Conformance Certification

Demonstrate your commitment to accessibility with third-party validation

Learn More About Conformance Certification

We partner and integrate seamlessly with leading platforms.

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Support From UX to Code

Website accessibility involves collaboration from teams across your organization including design, development, and content creation.

Our UX, code, and technical experts will guide your teams on how to create accessible experiences from the start, lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

Learn More about support form UX to code
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From our partners at Vista Outdoor

eSSENTIAL Accessibility is the long-term digital accessibility solution that will grow with our enterprise, setting us up for sustainable success.

Vista Outdoor

From our partners at Merck

eSSENTIAL Accessibility helped us establish an enterprise-wide accessibility policy, making our digital engagements more inclusive—a way of working and company value proudly shared by both of our organizations.

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