VPATs, Certifications & Statements:
Validate Your Compliance

Whether a WCAG Conformance Certification, an Accessibility Statement, or a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT®),
we help with compliance documentation so your hard work speaks for itself.

  • Validate that all pages and functions conform with WCAG 2.1
  • Publicize your commitment to accessibility
  • Provide proof your product meets required standards
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WCAG Conformance Certification

If we’ve worked with you, we’ll vouch for you. A WCAG Conformance Certification validates that all pages and functions of your website, app, or digital product fully conform with applicable WCAG Success Criteria (we test against WCAG 2.1 AA standards). Once we’ve thoroughly evaluated your assets, identified errors, and worked with you to fix them, we hand over the proof you can be proud of.

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vpat accessibility certificate

Accessibility statement

An accessibility statement declares your commitment to accessibility and continuous improvement. It also may be mandatory for compliance. We’ll help craft and publish a statement that will share your organizational policies, your accessibility goals, and your successes; show you conform with standards; and provide contact information should a user experience a barrier and want to report a problem.

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Voluntary Product Accessibility Template—VPAT

When it comes to product accessibility, business is on the line. Proof your product meets accessibility standards is becoming a requirement in RFPs, impacting new contracts as well as contract renewals. That proof is a VPAT® or Voluntary Product Accessibility Template. If you’ve been asked to provide a VPAT, we’ll guide you through completing it, and we take a comprehensive approach:

  1. Conduct a Critical Path Analysis to clearly understand your most critical user flows
  2. Test those flows using a variety of assistive technologies (AT) on multiple browsers
  3. Deliver a comprehensive audit of any accessibility barriers our testing revealed, along with guidance to fix those errors
  4. Partner with your team to troubleshoot and resolve issues
  5. Provide regular monitoring and re-evaluation to ensure you maintain accessibility compliance as new features of your product are released
  6. Deliver an objective, unbiased, fully accessible Accessibility Conformance Report or ACR (a completed VPAT)

Interactive accessibility icon

EA icon

Our icon, on your site, is synonymous with the highest standards of accessibility. When clicked, it directs visitors to a branded, inclusion-focused microsite:

  • Reaffirming your commitment to accessibility
  • Linking to your accessibility statement
  • Providing more information on corporate DEI and ESG initiatives
  • Highlighting career opportunities and inclusive hiring best practices
  • Enabling users to download our free assistive technology—a suite of keyboard, mouse, and touch-replacement solutions that enhance the digital experience for people with disabilities

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    Program Management Support establishing organization-wide accessibility policies for long-term success

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    Legal Expertise Leverage our accessibility legal expertise to help protect your organization from regulatory risk

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    eA Academy Enable your entire team with expert-led, on-demand training courses thoughtfully mapped to roles and responsibilities

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WCAG Conformance Certification, accessibility statements, and VPATs,
all included in our Accessibility-as-a-Service model.

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