Software + Expert Managed Services:
End-to-End Web Accessibility Solution

Our Accessibility-as-a-Service platform serves as your core system of record, combining access to
advanced tooling, testing, technology, reporting, and portfolio management.

And our team steps in to navigate any technical or regulatory complexities with legal expertise,
code-level guidance, Design Evaluations, and on-demand accessibility training.


Software + managed services.

Centralized, smarter accessibility management, enabling you to scale with confidence.

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    The eA Platform

    The eSSENTIAL Accessibility (eA) Platform is your central source for tooling, scanning, monitoring, and reporting. And our web accessibility solution is integrated with familiar systems like Jira and Azure DevOps, flowing smoothly into existing workflows.

    With the eA Platform, you can collaborate seamlessly as you monitor and manage accessibility progress.

    And the capabilities of our software support scale, no matter the size and maturity of your organization, or the complexity of your websites, mobile apps, and digital products.

    • Increase efficiency
    • Drive productivity
    • Integrate seamlessly
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    eA web accessibility solution interface on a laptop device
    Americans with Disabilities Act ADA

    Managed services

    Our web accessibility solution also includes expert managed services, like technical expertise, Design Evaluations, legal support, program management strategy, and accessibility training. Our team serves as an extension of yours, helping work through complex code-level issues or a response strategy if you’ve been sued or receive an ADA demand letter. And access to our expert-led, on-demand training library helps your teams weave accessibility into their roles and functions.

    It’s the market’s only comprehensive Accessibility-as-a-Service solution for digital accessibility and ADA compliance.

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