Governance & Reporting:
Centralized Accessibility Management

Monitor and manage your accessibility work with the power of the eSSENTIAL Accessibility (eA) Platform, serving as your centralized system of record.

View every asset within your organization at a high level, or drill down into the detail of any issue on any site.

  • Track accessibility status and remediation progress across a portfolio of assets.
  • View each asset’s dashboard, detailing results of both automated and manual testing.
  • Use the platform as a system of record, documenting your accessibility program and progress over time.
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One view, a portfolio of assets

Easily govern a portfolio of digital assets with the simplicity of the eA Platform. Portfolio View enables you to see the accessibility health and progress of improvements made for every digital asset in your enterprise portfolio:

  • Single view showing the health and status of all assets
  • Monitoring status and health score, including the date of the last scan
  • Remediation progress for each identified issue
  • Access to a detailed accessibility dashboard for each asset

Portfolio View provides a real-time status of your organizational accessibility program. Oversight, management, and prioritization in a single view.

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View of different digital assets within the eA platform
Dashboard view of accessibility audit report in eA platform

Drill down with our dashboard

Each digital asset has its own dashboard view, showing you the detail of all of the accessibility issues identified after accessibility testing and auditing. With your dashboard, you can:

  • Get a single, real-time snapshot of the property's health, outstanding issues, and remediation progress.
  • Understand the number and severity of issues outstanding across the property.
  • Drill down into the results of every scan including detailed prioritization and remediation recommendations.
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system of records icon

System of record

The eA Platform serves as your centralized system of record—a comprehensive view of your accessibility progress over time. You can easily access historical information and produce helpful documentation if you’re the target of a lawsuit or ADA demand letter.

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Manage users and their access

We make it easy to invite, track, and manage users in each of your workspaces, ensuring your entire team can access and action accessibility issues. You can also keep sensitive data isolated, adjusting appropriate user permissions.

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Governance and reporting for easier accessibility management, all centralized on the eA Platform. And all included in our Accessibility-as-a-Service model.

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