The Seneca Student Federation (SSF) offers a wide variety of programs and services to students at all four of Seneca College’s campuses, located in the greater Toronto area. The federation is made up of elected student leaders who are trained in advocacy, negotiation skills and conflict resolution. They are equipped to provide advice, guidance and success strategies to the students they represent. The federation also acts as a unified voice, bringing the needs and concerns of the student body forward to the college’s administration. Because the SSF is charged with representing students of all backgrounds and abilities, it has made a special effort to be inclusive of students with disabilities. Together with eSSENTIAL Accessibility, the SSF is providing assistive technology at no charge.

“The Seneca Student Federation strives to make student life better, primarily through advocating for student rights. Whenever in doubt on where to go, whether it’s your academics, co-curricular, or student life concerns, never hesitate to reach out to us.”

– Charanpreet Singh Deu, President