Sustainable, E-Learning Solutions

Rehab Essentials has been providing services to enable actively-practicing Physical Therapists to advance to the doctoral level for nearly 15 years. The founder and President, Steven Tepper, PT, PhD, FAPTA, realized the need for a cost-effective transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program that allowed physical therapists to maintain their work-life balance, continue to practice and advance their professional qualifications by taking online courses to achieve their DPT. Rehab Essentials brought content experts together to create an all-star faculty and outstanding curriculum. Since its inception, Rehab Essentials has expanded and partnered with accredited institutions to improve, expand, and elevate educational opportunities for practicing therapists and students. With much of its success rooted in collaboration and partnerships, Rehab Essentials is proud to work with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to provide free assistive technology to faculty, students and administrators with disabilities, and to ensure its online content is as accessible as possible.

“Because of the flexibility and accessibility of our course content and programs, we’re able to reach a much more diverse community.  We believe the health education is richer for this.”

– Dr. Steven Tepper, President