eSSENTIAL Accessibility Partners with mobileLIVE to Help Brands Accelerate Accessible Digital Transformations


TORONTO, September 21 – mobileLIVE, a multi-award winning tech-service provider that unifies people, technology, and business to accelerate digital transformation today announced eSSENTIAL Accessibility, the industry’s foremost Accessibility-as-a-Service provider, as their accessibility and compliance partner.

eSSENTIAL Accessibility’s comprehensive Accessibility-as-a-Service platform empowers organizations to deliver fully accessible web, mobile, and product experiences that are compliant with the AODA, ADA, and other global regulations, ensuring that customers of all abilities are able to engage with content equally. As more organizations undergo digital transformations to deliver frictionless online experiences and enhance operational productivity, the partnership will ensure that accessibility and compliance remain a priority, enabling brands to reach more customers and further boost business results.

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“Creating frictionless digital experiences is at the core of what we do. However, experiences shouldn’t discriminate against people with disabilities,” said Mudassar Malik, Head of Marketing at mobileLIVE. “Our partnership with eSSENTIAL Accessibility strengthens our ability to create more inclusive experiences that cater to broader, more diverse markets that help our clients achieve better business outcomes.”

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“Our partnership with mobileLIVE is another key step in the digital accessibility revolution,” said Kris Rivenburgh, Chief Accessibility & Legal Officer at eSSENTIAL Accessibility. “The web is integral to our daily lives, so we need to ensure our digital offerings are accessible – not only to facilitate engagement with our audience but to maintain compliance with the law.”

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About eSSENTIAL Accessibility

eSSENTIAL Accessibility is the smarter way to digital accessibility compliance. As the leading Accessibility-as-a-Service platform, we power brands to empower people by helping them deliver inclusive web, mobile, and product experiences that comply with global regulations, and ensure that people of all abilities have equal access. Learn more at

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About mobileLIVE

mobileLIVE is a Canadian, multi-award-winning tech firm unifying people, technology, and business to accelerate digital transformation for Large and Mid-Sized Enterprises. Their designing and developing expertise ensure frictionless and accessible experiences for the end-users. Learn more at

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