The report

The State of Digital Accessibility: 2022 Survey Report

We asked more than 1,000 public- and private-sector professionals for candid feedback about their organization’s current state of digital accessibility.

essential accessibility and level access 2022 state of digital accessibility

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essential accessibility and level access 2022 state of digital accessibility

The good news: Digital accessibility is becoming a mainstream priority.

  • Governance is more centralized.
  • More organizations are budgeting for it.
  • It’s increasingly considered a fundamental component of diversity and inclusion programs.

But, the survey still shows plenty of opportunities for improvement—learnings that may impact how, why, and when you should prioritize digital accessibility within your own organization.

Download our 2022 State of Digital Accessibility for key insights, including the percentage of organizations that:

  • Are shifting accessibility earlier in their dev lifecycle (and the benefits of doing so)
  • Have been sued for lack of compliance (even more than once!)
  • Opt to use an accessibility overlay (and the risk of this approach)
  • Prioritize accessibility when purchasing digital products (is yours accessible?)
Data presented from the state of digital accessibility report, including industries represented, location of respondents and organization size

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