Design Evaluations: Accessibility feedback for designers from designers

Solve web accessibility issues before development

The best, and most cost-effective time to catch a web accessibility error is in the design phase, before it makes its way to a live environment.

But how do you empower your designers to make this shift?

Our Head of Accessible UX Design, Karen Hawkins has created the market’s first design-based WCAG rule library—for designers, from a designer. It’s now embedded into the eA Platform, powering our new product capability: Design Evaluations.

design evaluations screen preview

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn how accessibility issues rooted in design can be tied directly back to WCAG success criteria. We’ve demonstrated Design Evaluations in the eA Platform, showing you an example of the actionable feedback they include, the guidance we provide, and the convenience of our all-in-one interface.

You’ll also learn how accessible design contributes to:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs
  • Improved designs and empowered designers
  • A shared sense of ownership, and a stronger organizational accessibility program

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