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    3 Ways that Web Accessibility Helps Retailers

    In 2018, consumers spent a total of $2.8 trillion dollars around the globe on e-retail sales, and these numbers are scaling to hit $4.8 trillion by 2021.¹ If you’re not considering how web accessibility is affecting your ecommerce profit margins, you’re giving up a piece of the pie to retailers who are making it their […]

  • ADA website compliance check

    Why You Should Go Beyond ADA Website Compliance

    No matter what type of organization your website represents, it’s of vital importance that you make sure the content is accessible to all people, no matter what type of disability they might have. Not only is it in your financial interest to do so, you risk running afoul of the law if your site is […]

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    ANA “People with Disabilities” Multicultural Excellence Awards

    It’s that time of year again, and we are gearing up for the 2019 Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 19th Annual Multicultural Excellence Awards — celebrating the year’s best multicultural advertising campaigns featured in the U.S. The awards raise awareness of and provide exposure for the outstanding work being done in the areas of African-American, […]

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    Equal Access for All: Does Your Website Comply with Accessibility Laws?

    Can everyone who visits your website use it to its full capacity? That’s probably not a question you ask too often. Think about it this way: Is everything in your business environment accessible for people with disabilities? You probably can answer that question without hesitation. Today, most people are at least somewhat familiar with the […]

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    Why We Need Web Accessibility Laws: 7 Common Misconceptions of Digital Accessibility

    Building a website is a task that virtually every company will face. However, in the midst of discussing design elements, content, and layout, there is one question that is often forgotten: “does my website successfully meet the needs of individuals with disabilities?” The latter question is typically forgotten due to the lack of awareness surrounding […]

  • ADA Guidelines and compliance

    ADA Guidelines and Compliance

    The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (often referred to as ADA) is the most comprehensive law ever passed protecting the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. Not only does it prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities in the areas of employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and governmental activities, but it gives people with disabilities […]

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    eA CMO Featured on Airtalk discussion on ADA law

    Our very own CMO Eric Feinberg was featured on Airtalk, Larry Mantle’s long-running Los Angeles radio show. He reminded the audience that great customer experience does not need to be compromised when building accessible sites and apps. He said, “Sites and apps can be fully accessible and beautiful for both sighted people and people with […]

  • WCAG 2.0 Wiki

    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – What is WCAG?

    WCAG is an acronym for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.¹ Just like the name states, it’s a step-by-step set of technical requirements explaining how you can make your website, app or other digital properties accessible to people with various kinds of disabilities. WCAG Requirements The guidelines state, for instance, that audio files require a written transcript […]

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