• web accessibility in financial services

    5 Myths about Web Accessibility and Financial Services

    When we increasingly rely on web technology to carry out our day-to-day tasks, it often reduces the demand for other ways that services are delivered. That’s certainly true in the financial industry, where more online services mean fewer physical locations for serving customers. In the 10-year period between 2007 and 2017, the number of bank […]

  • web designer using AODA checker

    How Checking for AODA Compliance Can Help You Serve Ontarians

    The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is a law, passed in 2005, that’s designed to increase the participation of people with disabilities in Ontario society. It aims to do this by improving the accessibility of facilities, goods and services, including web-based services. Under the AODA, web-based services are considered accessible if they follow […]

  • person shopping online

    3 More Ways that Web Accessibility Helps Retailers

    If your organization has an e-commerce platform and you haven’t yet thought about web accessibility, then you’re doing your own brand a major disservice. That’s especially true if you make 100 percent of your sales online. But it’s also true if, like most retailers, you have an online store or downloadable shopping app – or […]

  • website with conformance statement

    6 Requirements for Making a Web Accessibility Conformance Statement

    What is a web accessibility conformance statement? It’s a badge of honor, in a way. A conformance or compliance statement lets your customers and contacts know that you have brought your digital properties into compliance with web accessibility guidelines. The statement is often written by a third-party expert who has thoroughly evaluated and tested your […]

  • multimedia accessibility

    Five Simple Ways to Remove Barriers from Your Multimedia

    Multimedia – combining more than one type of media together, whether it’s text, images, audio, video or animation – is an increasingly popular online marketing tool. Companies use it in the hopes of attracting more traffic, viewers and, ultimately, customers and clients. But if multimedia isn’t accessible to people with disabilities, then it’s having the […]

  • web accessibility statement policy

    What Not to Include In Your Web Accessibility Statement

    More and more organizations understand the importance of web accessibility – that is, ensuring that their internal and external digital properties and mobile apps are free of any barriers that would make it difficult for people with disabilities to use them. They realize that digital as well as physical accessibility is a right, and that […]

  • ADA compliance

    How Important Is It to Check for ADA Compliance?

    Although digital accessibility is not specifically written into the ADA – this law was signed in back 1990, when web technology had not yet become an integral part of society – it has been listed as a requirement for compliance in U.S. Department of Justice rulings. Title III of the ADA is very clear that […]

  • V.P.A.T. compliance binder

    Here’s How to Boost the Value of a VPAT

    A VPAT, or Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, is a document that may let you know – before you’re locked into making a purchase – how easily people with disabilities can use a technology-based product or service. If your organization, school or company routinely purchases information and communication technology (ICT), you may be legally obligated to […]

  • Online shopping and ADA

    5 Ways Retailers Can Get More Sales by Complying with the ADA

    If you do business in the retail industry, then Title III of the ADA applies to you. This part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) bans discrimination against people with disabilities in places of “public accommodation.” These are defined as places of commerce that fall within 12 broad categories. “Service establishments” include hairdressing salons, […]

  • web accessibility colour checker

    Clearing Up a Gray Area: How a Color Checker Can Improve Web Accessibility

    Web accessibility means that websites, apps and other online technologies have been designed in a way that makes it possible for people with a variety of disabilities to interact with them. They can perceive them, understand them and use them without effort. Web accessibility also tends to make the operation of technology easier for other […]

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