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Is your resume working for you or against you?


In this economy, no one can afford the risk of sending out a ho-hum, cookie-cutter resume that heads straight to the shredder with all the other look-alikes.

Sadly, too many resumes fail to deliver results because they contain some of the most deadly resume mistakes and don’t contain the most important information of all.

If you’re like most job seekers, you’re worried about missing a great job opportunity because something on your resume isn’t quite right. But you’re not sure what’s wrong or how to correct it.

Unfortunately, much of the resume information available on the web paints a confusing and contradictory picture, leaving you with too many unanswered questions that can rob your confidence and leave you wondering if you’re about to blow your chances.

So how can you can fix my resume services create a custom resume that captures attention and opens doors?

Consider this:

What if you could know in advance exactly what an employer is looking for when he or she reads your resume? What if you could see your resume through their eyes?

Well, it’s clear that with that information, you’d have an inside track that could help you skip right past the other job seekers who are competing with you for the same position.

Now consider this:

What if you could tap into the resume writing wisdom of an expert consultant whose resumes amazingly land interviews 80 percent of the time?

Obviously, that wisdom would be invaluable in helping you craft a resume that does its job and makes your phone ring.

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