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A Digital Accessibility Ecosystem

eSSENTIAL ACCESSIBILITY integrates assistive technology with web accessibility evaluation and remediation services to enhance the customer experience for people with disabilities.

eSSENTIAL Accessibility Solutions: Offering Assistive Technology

eSSENTIAL Accessibility’s innovative assistive technology browser and mobile application enhances the customer experience for people who have trouble typing, moving a mouse, gesturing or reading a screen.

What is it?

The technology is a suite of keyboard, mouse and touch replacement solutions designed to make the digital world accessible to people with physical disabilities.

Assistive Technology in Action

With the assistive technology applications, customers can effortlessly:

  • Make purchases or conduct transactions anytime, anywhere
  • Have a consistent experience with your brand across devices
  • Navigate a website to gather information as part of their buying journey

Who does it accommodate?

Photo of Tom Rideout

Offering assistive technology should be an integral part of your inclusive digital strategy, so customers with physical disabilities are better equipped to be a part of your digital experience.

Meet Tom Rideout

Tom had his first stroke at 46, while talking with his employees. His second stroke came less than a year later. Doctors later found a 15mm brain aneurysm.

As part of his rehabilitation, Tom discovered the eSSENTIAL Accessibility app. The technology has been life-changing, and has made getting online and using a computer more feasible.

With the technology, Tom can now shop and make purchases, co-ordinate transportation and order food online. He loves the freedom and independence eSSENTIAL Accessibility’s assistive technology app gives him.

Read Tom’s Story

Why Include Assistive Technology?

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    Enhance the Customer Experience

    Providing assistive technology communication supports makes your digital properties welcoming to customers with physical disabilities.

  • Part of the W3C’s Essential Components of Web Accessibility

    Assistive Technology is one of the several components of web development and interaction that need to work together in order for the digital world to be accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Reasonable Accommodation

    Offering assistive technology as a part of your accessibility efforts ensures that you are reasonably accommodating people with physical disabilities.

Discover how you can give people with disabilities an inclusive digital experience

Request a personalized demo, and one of our experts will answer all of your accessibility questions.