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Assistive Technology For Android

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The eSSENTIAL ACCESSIBILITY Android application makes it easier for people with physical disabilities to use touch-screen smartphones.

Hands-free Mode

The Viewfinder feature detects a user’s face. A simple swipe of the head up, down, left or right can control the cursor. Users can also tap, swipe and scroll using hands-free mode.

XY Mode

This features allows users with limited dexterity to control the device using on-screen coordinates. Each point on the screen has latitude and longitude coordinates, similar to points on a map.When a user taps the button, a horizontal line will move down until the button is tapped again. Then, users wait for the vertical line to move across until it intersects with the horizontal line at the point where they want to click.

School areas are required to give assistive technology (AT) gadgets or administrations to individual impaired students, at no cost, if an understudy’s individualized instruction plan (lEP) group establishes that the students needs AT gadgets or administrations so as to get a free fitting state funded training (TAPE) at all prohibitive condition (LRE). AT isn’t gone for relieving, fixing, or remediating incapacities; rather, it is utilized as a system to make up for, or go around, an inability. There is a worry that a few teachers have not had sufficient preparing in the utilization of AT and furthermore an inquiry about when AT moves from being important to being an extravagance. The correct utilization of innovation in the study hall has enabled debilitated students to partake viably in the learning procedure and that educators need to use additional help from Auassignmenthelp to take care of all the research papers that students need help with the time and chance to realize what the innovation can do, how to work it, and when and how to actualize and coordinate it into their instructing.
In the most recent decade, mechanical advances have given new chances to people with learning incapacities (LD) to make up for insufficient essential aptitudes and access data that was once difficult to reach. Assistive Technology (AT) gadgets and administrations enable clients to create compensatory abilities with the goal that incapacities in a specific territory, for example, perusing and composing, can be circumvent and material ends up available that couldn’t have been gotten to beforehand.

Easy Grid Mode

In this mode, customers use voice commands to navigate web pages. A transparent grid appears on the screen, with the columns and rows labeled with numbers and letter respectively. Users can move the cursor to a cell by saying, for example, “Go to C4”.

Tag Mode

This mode is also voice controlled, similar to Easy Grid. All clickable points are highlighted and labeled with a number and letter. The user simply says the letter and the corresponding number to navigate through the page.

Who does it help?

The assistive technology app is ideal for people with physical disabilities with conditions such as:

  • Age Related Factors
  • Stroke
  • Paralysis
  • Arthritis
  • Dyslexia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease

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