Certification and Training

Demonstrate and maintain accessibility compliance

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Conformance and Education

Show the world your commitment to digital accessibility with the interactive accessibility icon, conformance reviews, and accessibility statements. And maintain your high level of achievement with our cross-functional training program.

Interactive accessibility icon

Recognized world-wide, the interactive accessibility icon shows your commitment to digital accessibility and that you’re working with an expert third-party to ensure conformance with WCAG standards:

  • Inform users of your commitment to accessibility, diversity and inclusion
  • Provide convenient access to free assistive technologies
  • Ensure potential litigants understand your commitment to WCAG and ADA compliance

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Interactive accessibility compliance icon

Accessibility statement

An accessibility statement communicates information about your accessibility program to your users. It outlines your commitment to accessibility, the standards you’re maintaining, and contact information:

  • Craft a concise and accurate statement to communicate effectively to your users
  • Minimize legal risk by demonstrating your digital accessibility commitment and the status of your program

Conformance reviews

Gain confidence in your level of digital accessibility with conformance reviews and statements. A thorough evaluation and detailed report of findings ensures that you know exactly where you stand.


Training & enablement

Make sure you maintain your accessibility conformance standards by training and enabling your team. Our comprehensive accessibility training program empowers team members across every function from UX and design, to code and development, to content and authoring:

  • Expert-led and organization-wide accessibility training
  • Specialized instruction for designers, web developers, program manager, Q/A and editors

Shift left

Empower your team with the “shift-left” approach by building accessibility into the earliest phases of your design and development processes. Building your experiences with accessibility in mind reduces costs, improves compliance, and minimizes risk.

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