Auto Scan

Auto Scan

With Auto Scan, all buttons, fields, frames and links are automatically highlighted in a timed sequential manner. All the user has to do is click on the desired icon or link when it is highlighted. In this mode, you don't have to move the cursor around the screen. In fact, the cursor is not even visible. All you have to do is simply wait until the desired area is highlighted. Auto Scan automatically identifies all the links and frames on a web page and highlights them one after the other.

The Auto Scan parameters can be customized as follows:

Click Mode


Scan Intervals

The way a function or button is highlighted is very simple. There are two different borders or markers that represent the scanner. By choosing two different colors, the user will easily see which button or function is highlighted.

Use this mouse method: By enabling this function, you are choosing this mouse mode. As soon as you click on OK or Apply, it is activated and ready to be used.